We are once again able to announce the adoption and naming of another boat. The story of Nodachi’s adoption and naming encapsulates the team spirit of rowing.

It’s in this spirit that Clive Gillman adopted the boat and asked that the Jeppe oarsmen to name it. Clive is well known to Jeppe rowing as an oarsman and coach including the U23 pair for the 2003 World Champs. He has inspired many and has achieved the ultimate achievement of any sportsman, that of representing their country in 1981 & 1982 and again in 2005 when he rowed in the world masters.

Given the announcement that Nicholas Bonthuys had been selected for the 2021 S.A. Junior National Squad that will participate at this year’s Junior World Rowing Championships in Plovdiv Bulgaria, it was suggested that Nick should have the honour of naming the boat.

Nick has named the boat Nodachi, a traditional Japanese sword favoured for their length and accuracy and particularly effective against cavalry charges. Nick says that:

‘To me, it is not about the meaning of the name of the sword, but more about what it was like for the person using it. The soldier needed to have a high degree of skill to use this sword and it gave the soldier the confidence to take on an enemy bigger than them – and win’.

Aligning this analogy to rowing he goes on to say that ‘Similar to a scull, where the oarsman needs to have skill and confidence to succeed’.

Clive’s response to the name is: ‘I like it, length and accuracy … makes a rowing boat move very fast’ !!

Echoing these observations, may every rower who trains or competes in the Nodachi, find that the boat will perform with agility and boost their confidence.