We can once again announce that another boat has been adopted and named ‘Iklwa’.

The adoption of a double scull has been made possible in part through the collective monthly contributions from people who have signed up to the J88 initiative.  This has enabled JBB to raise the R20 000 needed to pay for the boat. 

The incoming Rowing Captains Sven Clausen (Club Captain), Joshua Gillespie (Vice Captain) and Darian Ferreira (Vice Captain) were asked to name the boat.  In considering the name the Captains looked to the current fleet for inspiration. 

They were fully aware that the club has a double scull called Assegai which is named after the traditional Zulu throwing spear.  Being one of the more seasoned boats in the shed, they got to thinking that while it was still in use and would continue to contribute to the club’s success, it would work well if paired with a newer boat.

This thinking led them to consider Shaka the Zulu king recognised for his military reforms, who invented a shorter stabbing spear. This weapon is known as the iklwa (after the sound that was heard as it was withdrawn from the victim). As the context of Shaka’s conquests, the Assegai double is not abandoned, but will be used in conjunction with Iklwa.

In the same way that this tactical combination gave Shaka’s forces a significant advantage, the Iklwa double will compliment the Assegai double and Jeppe Rowing Clubs fleet as a whole.

Should you want to find out more about the J88 club and how you can help sustain Jeppe Rowing Clubs growth for as little as R88 per month, please Click Here