The 2021/2022 Rowing season will most definitely go down in the history books of the Jeppe Rowing club and will be spoken of for many years to come. In the words of Brendan Gittins Director of sports at Jeppe High School for boys, rowing was the best performing summer sport resulting in the first 8 all receiving full colors and well deserved.

It is for this reason that there were no better people than the departing opens to ask to name the pair that has recently been fully paid for.  It turned out to be a far harder task than they thought and there was a lot of debate and deliberation on what a suitable name for the boat would be as well as what did they want their legacy to be as they exit the club.

Finally, they decided on a name – Falchion. When asked the reason behind the name they were very quick to revert as a lot of time and effort had gone into selecting this particular name.

“The Falchion Sword was one of the most popular weapons used in the medieval period. The name originates from the old French word, fauchon, which means a “broad sword”. It is a single-handed, single-edged sword that originated in Europe, characterized by its broad, curved design with the edge on its convex side.

Falchion swords were primarily used for cutting an opponent’s limbs and slicing unprotected areas of the body swiftly and with a single stroke.

Why this name? We have chosen this name as departing opens to associate this seasons success to the blade, just as the sword was deemed to be unfitting to be used by the best, the knights and the soldiers during the time, Jeppe was seen as a minimalistic threat when it came to racing however the crews of the Jeppe rowing club dominated the season with a swift movement “cutting deep” into the success of other clubs which we competed against.”

After receiving the above explanation, no other name could be more appropriate to sum up their season as they all move on to brighter futures taking the experiences and memories gained during their time at Jeppe Rowing club.