In my pre-Gauteng champs’ article, I spoke about the steady rise of Jeppe Rowing (read here) and spoke about the clubs quest for podium position.

The crews delivered this result at the Gauteng Champs held last weekend where the boy’s school table placed Jeppe second overall: 

  • St Benedict’s (602 points)
  • Jeppe (292 points)
  • St Stithians (270 points)
  • St John’s (261 points)
  • St Albans (190 points)
  • KES (184 points)
  • Parktown (138 points)

There are several remarkable achievements here.  The first being that with St Benedict’s domination of the sport over recent years through the number of crews they are able to put on the water.  It would be fair to say that second overall place is really the new first place with competition being for this position.  Having achieved second place, Jeppe are not only on the podium at this point in the season but are also in a leading position.

The other notable achievement is the fact that the club has shown that government schools are still a force to be reckoned with.

First VIII rowing up to the start in Damascus sporting their new trisuits

A further encouragement is the way the global Jeppe Rowing Community is supporting the club.  Simon Moore’s (Director of Jeppe Rowing) reporting and pictures from the water edge via the WhatsApp group is invaluable in keeping the community up to date with real time results. This is being responded to with active engagement from Old Boys going from strength to strength.

Evidence of the impact that the community’s contribution to equipment is making is that of the 292 points awarded to Jeppe, 95 points came from boats acquired through the JBB initiative. Here are the details:

BoatNo of placementsPoints Awarded
JRD Tomlinson217
Unnammed 2x526
  Total Points95

You will note that there is an unnamed pair that did very well.  This boat is still up for adoption and naming. If you would like more info on the adoption process or how you can get involved, please get in touch with us at