On a day in November 2020, five people logged onto an auction site with eager anticipation.   The objective – to obtain as many good boats for Jeppe Rowing as possible.

Boatshed filling up nicely

The three groups represented on that session were Jeppe High School for Boys, The Jeppe Rowing Club and Jeppe Boats and Blades (‘JBB’).  The school had generously agreed to front the funds.  The Club knew what boats they wanted and had deep insight on the best boats to acquire.

Having just raised a staggering R500 000 to purchase Damascus (the new 8+ for the Club) through the generous contributions of many people in trying times, ‘JBB’ were confident that there would be support to pay for these boats and grow the Clubs fleet exponentially. 

Thanks to this collaboration, 3x 4+’s, 2x Pairs, 2x Doubles and 6x Sculls were purchased, taking the total number of boats acquired through ‘JBB’ in 2020 to fifteen (15). Equipping the Club at every age group and category and allowing Jeppe Rowing to give boys the opportunity to experience rowing and the chance to compete.

Fast forward eight months, and we are pleased to announce, that with the continued support of the growing ‘JBB’ community, we have received almost 50% of the R222,008 needed, and are approaching the halfway mark.

The BOAT BAROMETER on our website homepage tracks this progress, showing seats paid for (gold); seats in the process of being paid for (silver); and seats still available to be adopted (black). 

Look at all that gold

Why not read the stories behind each of the boats already adopted:

  • Cleaver –  Donated by Gary ‘Butch’ Hepburn in 2020;
  • J.R.D Tomlinson – Adopted by Martin Maine;
  • Gladius – Adopted by Claudio Salassa;
  • Claymore – Adopted by Stuart Johnstone;
  • Nordachi – Adopted by Clive Gillman and named by Nicholas Bonthuys;
  • Iklwa – Adopted through the generous contributions of the ‘JBB’ community and named by this year’s Rowing Captains.

You will notice one silver seat on the Boat Barometer, this is the seat currently being funded through the ongoing contributions made to the J88 initiative  other donations.  We look forward to announcing payment of this last seat and the naming of the boat (R2,500 to go).  CAN YOU SUGGEST A NAME for the boat?

Our latest fund-raising drive aims to raise the R20,000 to pay for the second double. We are looking to achieve this through raffling a rugby ball signed by none other than Francois Pienaar.  The winner of this stunning piece of memorabilia will also have the chance to name the double.  BUY YOUR RAFFLE TICKET HERE.

Like many, I’ve been watching the Olympic rowers give it their all as they race.  It is exhilarating and a thing of beauty to behold.  On reaching the 1000m mark, they would all be physically exhausted!  In my day, we would say that you need to push through the pain barrier, as the race is so much more than only physical endurance.  

In many of the races I have watched, the outcome is already determined at the halfway mark. As we approach our own halfway mark, thanks to your contributions, the settlement is already in the bag and we are heading for the finish line.

Thank you


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