The Jeppe Rowing Club, like most organisations around the world, suffered its fair share of setbacks as a result of the global pandemic. During this tough period, our boys displayed resilience and determination and took any training opportunity with both hands that could be afforded to them. Our coaches never lost enthusiasm and continued to provide motivation as well as physical training programs to the boys, as far as the pandemic allowed ( even if it meant running up and down the garden 😊). To this end , the club is very proud that the following athletes attended trials and have been selected into the initial training squads for the following national teams:

U15 Development Squad

Declan Boyder

To be completely honest I didn’t expect to make the team considering I only started rowing recently but I am glad I did, I am truly grateful for this opportunity and I will make the most of it.”

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  1. Congratulations to all the boys, the coaches and their parents

  2. Attila Czekmany

    What I pick in all the remarks from the amazing fine young men is GRATITUDE AND HUMBLENESS. To the coaching staff, dedicated parents and the school as a whole, you are truelly producing GOLD, You should all be very proud of your efforts and time dedicated

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