Following the successful purchase of a brand new, Swift 8+ in 2020, we are now looking to raise R225 000 to pay for the 13 boats and blades, we acquired through auction in 2020.  The addition of these boats means that Jeppe Rowing more than doubles in size and has significantly bolstered its ability to compete at all levels.

Thanks to your continued support we have already paid R35,000 back and our goal is to pay these boats off within the first 6 months of 2021. 

To achieve this, the club is once again looking for your support.  Much like the fundraising drive for Damascus we are looking for one off or monthly contributions that will go to paying off the boats.

What is different is that anyone contributing will have a say in the naming of the boats.  There are 3 ways that this will be possible.

  1. Collective contributions assigned to boats selected by Jeppe Boats and Blades – the current thinking is that this will start with 1 of the pairs
  2. A one-off donation (company, person or group of people) for full naming rights of a nominated boat (Scull, Pair/ double or Four+)
  3. Monthly contribution by a person or group for full naming rights of a nominated boat (Scull, Pair/ double or Four+)

Boat naming rights are sold off at R10,000 a seat, i.e.  you are sponsoring the boat and a set of blades for that boat. For example, a scull and blades would cost R10,000, a pair or double and blades R20,000 and a four+ and blades R40,000.

To view the boat options please visit

We look forward to working with you on this initiative that will make Jeppe the most formidable public school and one of the leading schools in South African rowing. 

The Jeppe Boats and Blades Crew


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