Jeppe rowing is set for a bumper 2021 season under new director of rowing Simon Moore and the good news is that the fleet has undergone a major upgrade and expansion.

In all, there will be 15 new Jeppe boats on the water next year, thanks to the efforts of Jeppe Boats and Blades, the fund-raising arm of the Rowing Patrons Association. Their sterling efforts during the lockdown ensured that enough money was collected to buy a new 8+ Swift Carbon Elite A, which will put our 1st eight into the best boat in local competition next season and which could be a game-changer for the club.

In addition to that, a John Waugh racing scull was donated to the school by old boy Gary Hepburn and then, in late November a fleet of boats became available on auction when a local rowing club stopped operating and a collaboration between the school and Jeppe Rowing and Boats and Blades secured 13 small boats, complete with blades, for the club.

The boats are fairly new and in good condition and will make Jeppe significantly more competitive in all the classes. More importantly, the acquisition means that the fleet size has increased and there are opportunities for more boys to become involved in rowing.

The seven extra single sculls, in particular, mean that there are enough boats now for all the boys to be actively involved at the same time, which will make training far more productive.

The expansion offers more boys the opportunity of discovering the joy of rowing and with more boats competing, the chance of seeing Jeppe crews and the club in pole position at regattas becomes a reality. Having more oarsmen competing for spots in the A crews, will nurture a healthy winning dynamic in the club.

The newly acquired boats are: six single sculls; three fours; two doubles and two pairs.


  1. Brilliant – I wondered where all the boats in the shed were from. Well done again. A really great story for the year.

  2. Hopefully they continue to name the boats in swords and daggers to cleave through the water

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