As the grade seven and prospective new u’14 oarsmen arrive at Victoria Lake Club, I realise this is the last year that second year open parents will be involved in Jeppe Boys Rowing Open Day.  It is so bitter sweet – an amazing opportunity for us to share our passion with the new ‘prospective’ parents, but at the same time, the start of the last season for our second year open boys.

How, I ask myself, does one share the experience of the last 5 years of being a ‘Rowing Parent’ with anyone who has not been exposed to this amazing sport – and Jeppe Rowing Club?  Tears blur my eyes as rowing footage from previous years comes on and the echo of ‘row Jeppe row’ is heard in the background.  Hours and hours spent next to the water cheering our boys, working at the Regattas or fundraising initiatives, all contribute to the commitment it takes to being a rowing parent…. and I would not exchange it for anything!

Mr Simon Moore, our MIC, shares information on what the sport is about and the impact it has on the boys and I burst with pride as I gaze at senior boys and see the transformation of these fine young men.  They are disciplined, hardworking and they are proud – proud to be Jeppe Rowing boys!

This sport has formed a bond that only they (and previous rowing boys) will understand.  The stares and raised eyebrows exchanged when coach mentions that rowing is a hard sport and that it takes guts to push your body to the next level  is clearly evident that they have worked hard and have accomplished so much together.

I look around the rowing shed and there are so many memories here.  The fleet of boats and equipment has most certainly increased since we started here 5 years ago and I can only smile in appreciation for every person who has so passionately given to this club – both financially and in personal time.

The history of the club is phenomenal and the patronage of the old Jeppe Boys continues!  The formation of Jeppe Boats and Blades is one example of how passion turns into something tangible and we are all so very excited about the new eight that is already on its way.  I can only imagine how proud every single person who has contributed to this new eight is already feeling and look forward to the first day that the boat is carried out of the shed and lowered into the water by the 2021 first eight. 

A proud Jeppe rowing parent 2020/2021


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