In December 1971, Deep Purple were in Montreux, Switzerland, to record their Machine Head album.  On the eve of the recording session, the venue burnt down (during a Frank Zappa concert). Fortunately, the recording equipment they were using (owned by the Rolling Stones) was a mobile unit.  With the help of others, they were able to move around and record the album which was released in 1972.

From the album, the song Smoke on the Water relays the events that took place in Montreux.  It is firmly entrenched as a classic in the rock annuals and the legendary guitar riff has become a ‘staple’ cord sequence for aspiring and seasoned musicians alike.

If you’ve been following the Jeppe Boats and Blades initiative, you will have seen the progress as the fund has grown from strength to strength. As a result our goal to have the Jeppe 1st 8 crew in a boat of their own for SA Schools Champs 2021 is being realised.  Like the Deep Purple analogy, this is still only possible with your support and generosity.  

In keeping with our original plan, we are looking to order the boat at the end of August 2020. With less than 6 weeks to go, we are looking to raise R220,000. 

The rack space for the boat is ready, the boys are keen, will you be part of realising the dream of seeing the Jeppe 1st 8 back on the podium as the norm?

Please do let us know what you are able to contribute as soon as possible, keeping in mind that we would need the money to reflect in the account before the 29th August 2020.

Here’s to us pulling together for Gold!

Chris, Greg, Michelle and Simon


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