Jeppe Boats and Blades gains Traction

Thank you for the wonderful response to our inaugural Newsletter. We have been overwhelmed by the interest in Jeppe Boats and Blades. A Facebook post from Grant Kneale lead us to interview Grant to discuss his rowing career as well as the history behind the formidable ’81 crew.

Grant goes on to challenge every Senior Crew from every year to reunite as Old Boys. You can champion your year by emailing Chris, Greg and Michelle at and let us help you reunite your fellow oarsome crew mates.

You can watch the interview

      Pull Together for GOLD Keep on making a difference to Jeppe Rowing Club Bidding on an Auction item. Sponsoring Equipment Make a lumpsum or recurring donation to the Jeppe Boats and Blades Trust.. Take a look at our website and sign up to keep Jeppe rowing alive.      A Poets guide to Rowing  I wonder why you want to row
When there are just so many terms to know
Before you get in the boat and place an oar in the water,
Before you take a single stroke don’t think you ought to
Remind yourself of what they are, these parts and pieces,
Actions and orders that rowers use (but poets don’t)
So forgive me if I leave some out.
Let’s take a look at the boat (or rather the shell):
The seat you sit on,
​slides, backstop, shoes and riggers.
The skeg that stabilizes the shell,
​shoulder, saxboard, and pogies.
The top-nut that keeps the rowlock in place,
​swivel, stretcher and rollers.
Now for the oar (or rather the scull):
There’s the Spoon blade, the Macon blade,
​Smoothie or Tulip.
Ready (or not) for the stroke you take ?
An Airstroke (in the air) ,
​backsplash, backwater, or body stroke,
Go on bury the blade, check the cover,
​ but don’t catch a crab!
Mind out for the drunken spider,
​watch the feather and the finish,
Inside hand, outside hand,
​hands away, miss the water,
Leg back, lie back,
​pause the paddling, watch the pitch,
Release and recover,
​don’t shoot your slide,
Swing the stroke rate,
​and space those puddles.
Careful there’s no skying,
​and absolutely no washing out.
Ready for a repecharge?
Or perhaps you’d prefer an egg-beater?
Ask the *** to call a flutter.
Easy oars
​Hold her hard
Ship oars
​One foot up & out
Waist, ready, up
​Shoulders, ready, up
​Way enough!

Nigel Morgan
Jeppe Boats and Blades
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