Following the successful purchase of a brand new, Swift 8+ in 2020, Damascus, our first goal for 2021 is to raise R 225,000 which will pay for the 13 boats and blades, which, with the help of Jeppe High School, we acquired through an auction in late 2020.

The acquisition of this equipment means that Jeppe Boats and Blades fulfilled a 5-year plan in its first year. The new fleet of competitive boats means that Jeppe Rowing can more than double in size and significantly bolster the club’s competitiveness.

We plan to raise these funds through;

Auctions, raffles and selling brand merchandise on our auction and shop page
Donations, one off donations and monthly debit orders on our donation page

Adopt a Boat Progress

Thursday, March 04, 2021 1 Comment

The Jeppe Rowing Club, like most organisations around the world, suffered its fair share of setbacks as a result of the global pandemic. During this tough period, our boys displayed resilience and determination and took any training opportunity with both hands that could be afforded to them. Our coaches never lost enthusiasm and continued to provide motivation as well as physical training programs to the boys, as far as the pandemic allowed ( even if it meant running up and down the garden 😊). To this end , the club is very proud that the following athletes attended trials and have been selected into the initial training squads for the following national teams:

U15 Development Squad

Declan Boyder

To be completely honest I didn’t expect to make the team considering I only started rowing recently but I am glad I did, I am truly grateful for this opportunity and I will make the most of it.”

Logan Roodt

“A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work”

Mario Alho

“I can see clearly now that the pain I feel today will be the strength I feel tomorrow”

Gabriel Waring

“I am very proud and also very excited to have been chosen for the Development Squad. I am also extremely grateful for this opportunity to represent Jeppe Boys”

U16 Development Squad

Mandla Green

“I never planned to row until I went to Jeppe open day and now I can’t stay away and want to go all the way with the National Squad”

Christiano de Freitas

“Winning medals is good, racing is better, loving the sport is best”

Blayde Franken

“ROWING  = Racing Over Water In Never-ending Glory”

U 19 Junior National Squad (Initial)

Joshua Gillespie

“Your body can stand almost anything, it’s your mind you have to convince”

1st Year Open Oarsman 2020-2021

Darian Ferreira

“Jeppe rowing has become more of a second home rather than just another club, it’s a place where the boys can release their stress and frustrations and overall just enjoy spending time with their Jeppe brothers”

1st Year Open Oarsman 2020-2021

Jeb Molteno

“Looking forward to what great things will come”

1st Year Open Oarsman 2020-2021

Aidan Buck

“This is a fantastic opportunity for which I am very grateful and I am determined to make the Jeppe family proud”

2nd Year Open Oarsman 2020-2021

Nicholas Bonthuys

“Never give up, chase your dreams and appreciate the team-mates, coaches, friends and family around you who help you get there”

Captain 2020-2021

We look forward to keeping you updated with their progress through the various phases of selection.

Simon Moore – Director of Rowing: Jeppe High School for Boys

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 1 Comment
John Chelius – ex Jeppe Oarsmen representing SA in the tri-suit up for auction

The early 1990s were an exciting time in South African sport, as we were welcomed back into international competitions. For some of us, South Africa had been banned from international sport for our entire lifetime, and the idea that we could ever race at a World Championship had been a pipe dream.

My dream did however come true in 1992, when I was selected for the first ever South African Lightweight squad welcomed back into International competition.  We were also the first official South African Rowing squad to wear tri suits (so, to my knowledge, this tri suit is one of the very first SA tri suit ever made).

1992 was the last Olympics to not feature lightweight rowing. We toured Europe in June and were the first South African crew since 1970 to compete at a FISA World Cup regatta in Lucerne. We received a standing ovation from the Lucerne crowd, just for paddling out onto the water. It was an incredible welcome from the international rowing community. I was then also fortunate enough to row at the World Championships in Montreal Canada in August, on the 1976 Olympic course, together with fellow Jeppe Old Boys Graham Cook and our Team Manager Mr Fritz Roberg.

This suit represents the start of a very exciting chapter in South African Rowing history. Keep dreaming.

John Chelius – ex Jeppe Oarsmen

Wednesday, January 20, 2021 No comments

This note serves to advise that the Jeppe Boats and Blades Trust along with Jeppe High School for Boys Rowing have decided to postpone the unveiling of Damascus and the other boats that we have acquired due to the current Covid Level 3 Lockdown.

Our launch event which was planned for the 28th of January will be moved out to a new date which will be confirmed once we are certain it is safe to do so.

We regret this unfortunate delay – however, your health and safety along with complying with the current Covid19 regulations is our main priority.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021 No comments

Following the successful purchase of a brand new, Swift 8+ in 2020, we are now looking to raise R225 000 to pay for the 13 boats and blades, we acquired through auction in 2020.  The addition of these boats means that Jeppe Rowing more than doubles in size and has significantly bolstered its ability to compete at all levels.

Thanks to your continued support we have already paid R35,000 back and our goal is to pay these boats off within the first 6 months of 2021. 

To achieve this, the club is once again looking for your support.  Much like the fundraising drive for Damascus we are looking for one off or monthly contributions that will go to paying off the boats.

What is different is that anyone contributing will have a say in the naming of the boats.  There are 3 ways that this will be possible.

  1. Collective contributions assigned to boats selected by Jeppe Boats and Blades – the current thinking is that this will start with 1 of the pairs
  2. A one-off donation (company, person or group of people) for full naming rights of a nominated boat (Scull, Pair/ double or Four+)
  3. Monthly contribution by a person or group for full naming rights of a nominated boat (Scull, Pair/ double or Four+)

Boat naming rights are sold off at R10,000 a seat, i.e.  you are sponsoring the boat and a set of blades for that boat. For example, a scull and blades would cost R10,000, a pair or double and blades R20,000 and a four+ and blades R40,000.

To view the boat options please visit  https://jeppeboatsandblades.co.za/adoptaboat/

We look forward to working with you on this initiative that will make Jeppe the most formidable public school and one of the leading schools in South African rowing. 

The Jeppe Boats and Blades Crew

Wednesday, December 09, 2020 2 Comments

Jeppe rowing is set for a bumper 2021 season under new director of rowing Simon Moore and the good news is that the fleet has undergone a major upgrade and expansion.

In all, there will be 15 new Jeppe boats on the water next year, thanks to the efforts of Jeppe Boats and Blades, the fund-raising arm of the Rowing Patrons Association. Their sterling efforts during the lockdown ensured that enough money was collected to buy a new 8+ Swift Carbon Elite A, which will put our 1st eight into the best boat in local competition next season and which could be a game-changer for the club.

In addition to that, a John Waugh racing scull was donated to the school by old boy Gary Hepburn and then, in late November a fleet of boats became available on auction when a local rowing club stopped operating and a collaboration between the school and Jeppe Rowing and Boats and Blades secured 13 small boats, complete with blades, for the club.

The boats are fairly new and in good condition and will make Jeppe significantly more competitive in all the classes. More importantly, the acquisition means that the fleet size has increased and there are opportunities for more boys to become involved in rowing.

The seven extra single sculls, in particular, mean that there are enough boats now for all the boys to be actively involved at the same time, which will make training far more productive.

The expansion offers more boys the opportunity of discovering the joy of rowing and with more boats competing, the chance of seeing Jeppe crews and the club in pole position at regattas becomes a reality. Having more oarsmen competing for spots in the A crews, will nurture a healthy winning dynamic in the club.

The newly acquired boats are: six single sculls; three fours; two doubles and two pairs.