The Jeppe Boats and Blades Trust was set up in 2020 with the goal of equipping Jeppe Rowers with quality equipment, giving them the opportunity of competing at the highest level.

We have been overwhelmed by the support of the school, the rowing club and a growing number of Jeppe Old Boys, who share our vision to see Jeppe Rowing grow to become a bastion of schoolboy rowing in the country.

The trust works in close collaboration with the Director of Rowing, who defines projects that need funding, which we then take to the larger Jeppe rowing community for financing.

Following the successful purchase of a brand new, Swift 8+ in 2020, Damascus, our first goal for 2021 is to raise R 225,000 which will pay for the 13 boats and blades, which, with the help of Jeppe High School, we acquired through an auction in late 2020.

The acquisition of this equipment means that Jeppe Boats and Blades fulfilled a 5-year plan in its first year. The new fleet of competitive boats means that Jeppe Rowing can more than double in size and significantly bolster the club’s competitiveness.

We plan to raise these funds through;

Adopt A Boat, your chance to sponsor & name a boat

Auctions, raffles and selling brand merchandise on our auction and shop page

Donations, one off donations and monthly debit orders on our donation page

Adopt a Boat Progress

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The raffle is now closed. Thank you to everyone who supported us and purchased a ticket. A total of 71 tickets were sold and the winning ticket was drawn by Tracy’s family for us on June 30th. 

Congratulations to James Johnston who was selected as the winner and thanks again to everyone for your support.

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We have a great new prize up for grabs a raffle for a 3 night mid week getaway at Rooibos Bush Lodge in Hoedspruit for 4 adults and 2 children valued at R12,000. Limited to 100 tickets at R200 per ticket. Buy your tickets here

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In conjunction with Simon Moore, director of Jeppe rowing and the rowing club, we are pleased to announce that with the use of drones, we will be streaming three events from SA Champs 2021 this Sunday. The 3 events will be:

JM16 4+ Final – 14:38

JM16 4x Final – 15:38 (Junior Women)

JM18 8+ Final – 16:26

By using drone’s for the streaming, you will get up real close and see all the race action. Simon Moore says:

‘We believe Jeppe are at the forefront of technology with pursuing this technological capability and also believe it will create greater amount of access/ exposure to rowing and therefore help grow the profile of the sport’.

Viewing is free and YouTube links will be provided on the Backsplash and Jeppe Boats and Blades Facebook pages 10 minutes before the race starting times.

It would be great to get your feedback on the races and on the quality of the feeds.

See you at the races on Sunday

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2020 was a phenomenal year for Jeppe Rowing. In reading this statement the natural conclusion would be to look for the results achieved at regattas. COVID 19 restrictions put a stop to that, so instead we will measure success through other achievements.

Thanks to the support and generosity of the school, the Jeppe Rowing Club and Jeppe boys (past and present), Jeppe Boats and Blades raised R500 000 to purchase “Damascus” for the 1st 8 crew. This in itself was a significant achievement but 2020 still had a lot more to give and we were able to acquire another 13 boats (complete with blades) for the club.

These additions to the fleet will ensure that many more Jeppe oarsmen have the opportunity to train and race with confidence, allowing Jeppe Rowing to grow in size and be a force to be reckoned with in every age group.
The first objective for Jeppe Boats and Blades in 2021 is to settle the acquisition of these boats. At R220 000 it represents less than half the amount we needed to raise in 2020. Thanks to the support of the old boys, the adoption of boats by Martin Maine (JRD Tomlinson) and Claudio Salassa (Gladius) we have already raised R50 000. To read the stories of all our successful projects please visit our website .
In addition to the generous monthly contributions Jeppe Boats and Blades receives, we are looking to settle the R170 000 balance through our Adopt a Boat initiative. There are a number of boats (4+, pairs and sculls) looking to be adopted.

How does Adopt a Boat work?
An individual, crew or group of people adopt a boat at R10 000 a seat (Section 18a tax certs available)
They get the naming rights of that boat
The boat is launched with its given name
If you are interested in adopting a boat please do get in touch with us and we will provide you with next steps.

Yes, I want to get involved with the “Adopt A Boat” programme

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Sunday the 11th April 2021 will leave an indelible memory for every person who attended the event or watched the live stream from around the world.

The success of the event that coincided with Jeppe Rowing’s year end prize giving event was a fitting tribute to the efforts of everyone who made it possible.
The christening of JRD Tomlinson and Damascus are milestones in their own right too. The impact of these two boats on Jeppe Rowing cannot be overstated. As Simon Moore said in his speech, Jeppe Rowing is indeed entering into a new era.

It is said that a picture paints 1000 words and this video clip does just that. Martin Maine is seen christening the boat he adopted and named after JRD Tomlinson who started rowing at Jeppe and schoolboy rowing in the Transvaal. This is followed by Michelle Kirby and Christopher Midlane christening Damascus and a ‘row-by’ with the current 1st 8 getting the boat on the water for the first time. The launches are testimony that together, we can achieve anything we put our minds to and together we celebrate and pay tribute to every Jeppe Oarsmen through the ages.

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